Executive Secretary - Lenae S. Simmons


Lenae S. Simmons serves as Church of God Men’s Discipleship Executive Secretary.  She has served at the Church of God International Offices for 23 years.  Prior to this she worked at Lee University as a secretary to the Director of External Studies, and earlier served as Public Services Assistant at the Lee University Squires Library.  

Lenae S. Simmons was born in Cleveland, Tennessee.  She is married to Bill Simmons, professor at Lee University.  They have three children:  David A. Simmons, Nathaniel S. Simmons, and Laura M. Simmons.  She received her B.A, in Music from Lee University.

She and her husband served as missionaries in Germany while working at the Church of God European Bible Seminary, and in Scotland.  While at EBS, she enjoyed helping musically prepare students for ministry trips to several countries:  Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, the former Yugoslavia, Italy, and England.