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In this short introduction, Old Testament scholar Lee Roy Martin offers the first scholarly monograph length study on fasting written by a Pentecostal. Beginning with the practice and function of fasting as reflected in the biblical text, Martin produces the most extensive examination of fasting texts to date. Martin next offers a brief survey of fasting within the broader Christian tradition, giving special attention is to the role of fasting in the teaching of John Wesley, the spiritual ‘grandfather’ of Pentecostalism, providing the most detailed study available of Wesley’s views on fasting. This is followed by an examination of the role and practice of fasting in the first ten years of the early Pentecostal periodical literature, offering the most extensive analysis of the topic in this body of literature to date. The book concludes with the construction of a Pentecostal theology of fasting, including concrete advice for those who seek to put knowledge of fasting into practice. Breaking new ground at every turn, this introduction is destined to become the standard work on fasting for those within the Pentecostal tradition and beyond. By examining every biblical text devoted to fasting this study uncovers details of the biblical teaching on fasting that have often gone unnoticed. By hearing the testimonies of the Christian tradition, this monograph helps to reveal fasting practices based on traditions that have little to no basis in the biblical text. By excavating early Pentecostal views, Martin demonstrates the significance of fasting for the tradition. In his constructive chapter Martin’s scholarly and pastoral skills combine to provide solid practical reflection and guidance for those interested in this often misunderstood practice.