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Romans, A Path To Transformation 9-16



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ROMANS: A PATH TO TRANSFORMATION (Part II, CHAPTERS 9–16), by French Arrington, is the second course on Romans. This hands-on study covers the exciting and widely acclaimed letter that Paul wrote to the Christians in Rome. Similar to the first course on chapters 1–8, Paul continues in chapters 9–16 to focus on salvation and holy living through faith in Christ and addresses such great truths as:
God’s marvelous plan of salvation ● God’s unchangeable faithfulness ● Fulfillment of God’s promises ● Faith-grounded obedience ● God’s sovereign rule and human freedom ● Pivotal importance of God’s mercy and compassion ● Gifts of the Spirit in the framework of love ● Relationship of the “strong” and “weak” in faith ● Relationship of believers to a good government and an evil government ● Final salvation nearer now