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Thanksgiving Psalms: A Path to Praise, by Jerome & Sandra Boone


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Thanksgiving Psalms: A Path to Praise, by Jerome & Sandra Boone, by Jerome & Sandra Boone, is a Bible study that will enrich your spiritual life. It focuses on the Thanksgiving psalms, one of the four major types of psalms found in the book of Psalms. The Thanksgiving psalms are the rightful response to God’s grace in our lives. Life for all of us is a mixed bag of blessings and hardships. Being a Christian does not exempt us from the difficulties of life. God’s grace comes to us in many forms. Sometimes, it is the power to embrace what we cannot change. Most of the time, it is the blessing of divine protection, both seen and unseen. All in all, God’s grace is the power to live victoriously in whatever circumstances come our way. The Thanksgiving psalms are the “testimonies” of God’s people to God’s delivering grace. They witness to the reality of God’s covenant love and divine intervention into our lives.

In this Bible study, you will be strengthened spiritually by the testimonies of God’s people in the Old Testament. You will realize the logical connection between experiencing God’s grace and declaring His praise. You will discover many important truths about praising God. Most importantly, praise for God will become a higher priority in your life, both toward God and as a witness to others. Studying the Thanksgiving psalms will allow the Spirit of God to transform your life with praise.