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LifeBuilders Leadership Certification Manual


Short Description

LifeBuilders Certification Manual, by Dr. David Gosnell
This manual will help turn the necessity and the desire to reach and disciple men into a reality. It is designed primarily for the local pastor and men’s team leaders in the local church. Successful—and sustainable—men’s ministry is an obtainable goal, and this book will be a helpful tool for a successful men’s discipleship group in your church.

You will learn:
• Why your church needs a LifeBuilders discipleship ministry.
• Keys to starting a LifeBuilders discipleship ministry.
• The need and qualities of a strong LifeBuilders ministry leader.
• How to build and train your LifeBuilders ministry team.
• How to get started right.
• How to build ministry momentum.
• How to build entry points for men into your LifeBuilders discipleship ministry.
• Keys to maintaining a quality LifeBuilders discipleship ministry.
• How to disciple men.
• How to be connected for ministry effectiveness.
• How to build and implement a Pastor’s Prayer Partner ministry.
• How to train Transformational Discipleship small group leaders.
• Discover ministry resources and discipleship initiatives to disciple men.

Hundreds of LifeBuilders Leaders have been trained and certified since its introduction in English last summer.

What leaders are saying about the LifeBuilders Leadership Certification Manual:

Reaching and discipling men should be a priority for every church. The LifeBuilders Leadership Certification Manual is an excellent tool for training men to make disciples who make disciples. This manual has my highest recommendation.
−M .Thomas Propes, Church of God Secretary General

Discipleship is the mission and command of Jesus Christ. Dr. David Gosnell has done a superb job in covering the “A to Z’s” of men's discipleship ministry. May God strengthen our men, which will ultimately impact our homes and churches!
−William Harrison, Jr., Pastor, Lexington Road Church of God, Kentucky

Thanks Dr. David Gosnell for a resource that is already making a difference in the lives of families and churches across the state of New Jersey. The Philippian jailer accepted Christ and led his entire household to salvation. This practical how-to-do-it manual is a gem that will enable leaders to step up to the plate and do what it takes to engage men in their churches. Churches seriously concerned about reaching and discipling men now have a manual that equips men for the work of service, ministry, and the building up of mighty men.
−A. Steve Smith, New Jersey Administrative Bishop

Discipling men is what we are called to do. This training manual brings a fresh perspective on the how-to of discipleship. This is a life changer. This will revolutionize the men, the local church, and the entire men’s ministry. The step-by-step approach the author uses in this manual is very easy to follow.
−Charles Crawford, Regional Men's Discipleship Director Church of God in Ontario, Canada

One of the most pressing needs in churches all across the country is having a vital ministry that can impact and touch the lives of men in our congregations. Recognizing this reality, Dr. David Gosnell and his team have created a stellar curriculum in order to remedy the current dilemma. I wholeheartedly and enthusiastically endorse the new LifeBuilders Men’s Discipleship Ministry curriculum for use and implementation in the local church. It has been said that the church is not called to make converts, but disciples. Discipleship is at the heart of the Great Commission, and this curriculum will assist pastors and local church leaders in ensuring that men are not left by the wayside of the path of discipleship, but rather can be lead into a deeper relationship with God as they develop into the spiritual leaders God has called them to be. If you are a pastor and have ever wondered, “what can I do to help the men in my congregation?” – the LifeBuilders Men’s Discipleship Ministry curriculum is your answer.
—Tim Brown, Missouri Administrative Bishop